Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Been at the Botanic Garden this morning. jellypig was suppose to go. aish

Head count:
- Alfred ( woots. car ride :) )
- Weets
- Sam
- Leonard
- Eric
- Yonghui

buddy benson didn't make it cause he didn't bring his SD card, and thus he didn't turn up.

I actually did walked around and took photos, here and there, anyhow, close up, wide shot, etc.
Till, my shoes gave me blisters :(
was really tired and sticky. I hate the sticky feeling, not forgetting allll the stupid mosquitoes that attack me?
THANK YOU! I forgot the medicated oil, but I remembered the cooling mist :)
It's running out :(

Had lunch at FEP.
JAP FOOD :D yum yum, my sashimi ^^ $20 gone.
AIGOO. Thanks leonard for absorbing the 0.17%, the GST and Service Charge that is.

Watched Kungfu Panda 2
at IMAX, in 3D!!!!

Seriously, I am not really a fan of 3D, cause I wear specs.
Wearing an additional specs just means troublesome huh?
I was fidgeting throughout, adjusting them, taking them out, re-wearing, taking them out again, it repeats.
The 3D wasn't that bad though :D

The screen, okay, it's big, the seats are bigger, then?
I prefer going for digital at Cathay, actually?
No different. At least to me?

Eric absored $8, $7 for me(I gave him $12).
He told us it's $11, but it's actually $19.
Crazy ah? Movie in Singapore? IMAX & 3D burns your pocket.

Pocket burns, mine already one big hole?
I tends to SHOP tooo much this few days?
and I still need to shop for my shoes?!?!?!
and I like the one Huimin's shop has.
Anyone? YOOHOO?


But that's $33.00 for you.
I like the Black one, and I fit a 36-37 :P

I think I really shop control where my money is going?
there's a bbq on wednesday, more money gonna be spend.


I thought I stop eating when I don't feel good, or I eat too much, depends on situations.
BUT yah, I SPEND too much this time. WAY TOO MUCH. aigoo

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