Monday, May 30, 2011

more fastforwarding

9th May 2011. Monday

NO SCHOOL. holiday due to Elections. COOL AH

Movie-d with Jellybean and Alfred.


max cool, max max cool & funny.
Love how they stole the vault away, like seriously crazy.


this is totally random, we were out from Fast 5 and then was like let's go for one more, and so we watched another movie.
Impromptu lor.

This is one 3 Kingdoms Movie that I didn't enjoy at all.
I almost fell asleep numerous time.

10th May 2011. Tuesday

Maya interim submission postponed again.

I tried weaving my clothes, erm. a little too off.

anyone got any tees they don't want? So I can experiment more?

11th May 2011. Wednesday

<3 ya!!

He cut this hair, while I go for my massage session.
He's like a little boy >< *pinches cheek*

We had Ding Tai Fung instead of Itacho cause we got no time to go all the way to Plaza or Bugis.

12th May 2011. Thursday

MY Storyboard Final idea is settled :D


Duval got his Ipad 2. EEE.

13th May 2011. Friday

Friday the 13th.
I got my SGH appointment, so I missed school in the morning.

A change of medicine again, and they listed my previous medicine as my drug allergy.
CT scan postpone till next check up, which is 6 months later.

Friday the 13th, I kept getting injured by jellybean accidentally.

14th May 2011. Saturday 
Good kids, actually went back to school with Alfred to do maya with jellybean.
The little ones that I will play with on Alfred's car

stole the pig to class, see, they look the same :X

Watched PRIEST with Jelly and Wan Chen (is it wan chen or just chen) at Jurong Point
The show was so so, all the nice parts are only at the TRAILER lor.

But I like how they portray the only human vampire kinda thing?  It's really different from the normal vampires movies you see nowadays.

Dinner @ Long John Silver
Dessert @ 记得吃

15th May 2011 Sunday

HD Interview shoot @ my home.
I am glad, so I don't need to wake up too early.

I stopped my medicine, eyes got swollen for no reason, and mum worried that it might be the medicine fault. :(

Lots of chicken wing and Beehoon, thanks Mummy.

Mum made the two of us go JP "walk walk", she said we been nuaing at home too much, actually she just wanna us to get bread for her.

Massaged :D

Bought $10 worth of bread :P and old chang kee for dinner.
Parents bought Rojak too.
Thought we could share the old chang kee, but by the time we reached home, parents finished their dinner already.

Alfred came over to help Maya, and helped to clear food :D

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