Sunday, May 29, 2011

fast forward

2nd May 2011. Monday
Dinner with Plaza people, at Thai Express - Illuma, to discuss stuffs about Thailand trip.
my vomiting was back during that day >< HAIS. MAYA ah. I was falling asleep instead.

3rd May 2011. Tuesday

Erm, memory gone. Photos instead.

5th May 2011 Thursday & 6th May 2011 Friday

MC and didn't go school :(

Was suppose to meet Stereos for Hotpot Culture on Friday, but oh well. Too sick to go.

7th May 2011 Saturday

Tong Yi-ed @ Jellybean's house

8th May 2011 Sunday

Went to starbucks with Alfred, my cravings, so asked him along.
We practically just go to JP's Starbucks on purpose to get drink back home.

So I could drink and do my Maya at the same time.

- Green Tea Latte, all time favourite
- Ice Shaken Lemon Tea

Jellybean stopped coming over on Sundays.
Strictly homework day.

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