Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Last year I volunteered with YOG, and got to know some great friends there.

So, we decided to meet up, like finally.
BUT, only the 4 of us met up. 10.04.2011 Saturday


I seriously thought I was like very late >< but then, I was the first one to reach, and I had time to go for a pedicure session.
HAHA. Dead skins and cuticles gone, HOORAY :D

We wanted to go Astons for dinner at first, BUT the queue is like OMFG LONG!
So, we decided to go for japanese cuisine at plaza singapura!


Yiting intro-ed us to it, we kinda wait for our seats till quite long?
only managed to get in at like 8?
and our food were only served at like 8.30pm?

I was like max famished.

this is like the mega love green tea.
I don't know why, but it seems that there is some extra ingredients inside?
There is this unique taste in it, much delicious I say.

and this is the sushi joyce and vicky ordered.
It looked max awesome uh?

and Vicky's curry beef don, or something along the line.
the curry looks yummy too!
I am craving for more curry after looking at his.
worse till, he sat infront of me, So, I kinda stared at his curry a little :X

joyce roasted buta sushi.
look at the meat. seriously awesome? just with that slice too!

vicson's handroll.
can't really remember much about it.
BUT THE seaweed look ultimate crunchy.
what's handroll without crunchy seaweed right?

This is the killer man.
The chawanmushi with roe eggs?
Like OMG. mad awesome, can totally feel them in your mouth as they burst apart.
It's like superior awesomely delicious.
A $4 worth of eggggsssss.

Yiting and mine sashimi.
Salmon and Tuna for me, and Salmon and swordfish for hers.
It's a little expensive.
But the freshness of the sashimi, really worth the price.
I would eat it again if I'm rich.

This is da bomb!
Fatty Tuna Mini Rice. It's so mini, you can finish it in a few bites.
Took my own sweet time to enjoy the taste of the tuna and the sushi rice.
It's so max awesome that joyce's face turned immediately when she tried.

Yiting and I with our FATTY TUNA MINI RICE.
( I am so waiting for this girl to be a mega super star, so I can proudly say I got an artiste as a friend)

I spend like a total amount of $27 there? including GST and service charges.

BUT, seriously worth the price. TO ME, at least.
Other then the super long waiting time.
I am so going to go back again.

I AM SO GOING TO SAVE UP and bring jellybean along the next time.
OR is anyone going to sponsor me?

HOWEVER, it was not filling to me, but then again, I think something wrong with my stomach that day.
I just cannot stop eating. ><

We had dessert at Xin Wang Hong Kong 

Had the marvelous humongous Mango Ice and my all time favorite peanut butter toast.

I seriously love this. Give me 10 and I will finish all the peanut butter for you.
They were saying how sticky it was, but I LOVE IT.

Shared this among the 4 of us, this is something I can't accomplish if I am there all alone.
It's sinful, max.

Had some group photo taking afterwards.
Vicky took a lot of test shot while trying to get the settings right, while we were like "just use auto la"
and he gave up and used auto, and apparently auto got the correct settings.
sometimes, just use auto.

meet up soon :) <3

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