Wednesday, April 13, 2011

first month <3

and yesh, it's a month for us. 11.04.2011.

It's kinda sad, cause we got school for 9 hours? (including that 1 hr pathetic lunch break)
HD production > Life Drawing >  3D Bascis 2

I was totally drifting off to lala land in HD production, and almost fell asleep in Life Drawing.
Figure drawing again, I think my drawing is somewhat rusty?
I don't have the "feel" for it, even Elson Nakama feels that way too.

I like this model cause she is nice, but she really kinda moved a little way too much?
Even michelle can't stand it.
it's so funny.

Michelle was trying to help me with my drawing.
When she was explaining to me about the legs structures, the model moved her leg.
When michelle was explaining to me about her hands, the model moved her hands.
Totally funny with Michelle reaction and expression.

3D modeling was a killer.
I wasn't in the mood to do anything cause apparently, the blood pressure suddenly dropped again.
AGAIN. this is like the don't know how many uber times it happened to me.
So, I kinda stuff myself with bread, so I can get the carbo and energy to keep myself going.
Sugar level up up or something.

Thanks to my mega headache, due to the mega migraine.
(and I remember I didn't eat my medicine yet for the day, while blogging this -.- )

so we didn't go anywhere far, but went to Jurong Point instead.

Wanted Bakerzin, but it was closed. :( damn my macarons :(

Wanted Ding Tai Fung, but then don't feel like waiting, and my stomach still aint right.

but, I suddenly thought of the chawanmushi yiting told me on Monday.
the one at the Japan street at the basement of Jurong Point with the teppenyaki, so pulled Jellybean with me over.

Shared a set with him, I can't eat much :(

the chawanmushi is in a ring of onion instead of a bowl, so the smell is in it.
and they cooked it right there, infront of us, so it's ultimate fresh. <3

Had dessert at ji de chi. my almond paste. yum yum.
and I realised that jellybean love yam paste too, another of my favourite.

<3 ya! thanks for everything jellybean~

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