Saturday, April 9, 2011


I can't think of a title name, so hehe

went over to jellybean's house again. poor boy got sore eyes.

BUT APPARENTLY, he and his sore eyes, and his eyes are still bigger then mine.
AISH. like wad jelly say " GOLDFISH " HEHE

I went home to find my popin' cookin' set and Happy Kitchen waiting for me.
I can't wait to "play" it. MAX cool

ANYWAY, popin' cookin' and Happy Kitchen, are this japan DIY food toy thingy.
it's fun, and plus it's edible.

I got it from here. price is max reasonable since it's from Japan

MUM was worried about radiation. max funny.

anyway, got in to this little war thingy. Not really much, kinda immature and such.
quite entertaining at times, max funny.
But, shall learn from princess jelly, " FUCK CARE" :)

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