Monday, April 11, 2011

9th April 2011

I was late for class, dance class I mean.
I didn't want to spend on cab, been spending too much this 2 weeks.
So, I took my own sweet time to class. AND....

they were still just at warm up only, and recapping of steps, not the dance choreograph though.

Last week, they only learned like 3 new steps to the dance?
At least, he finished teaching the routine this week. Last lesson next week, time passes fast ah.
gonna take photos with the fun peeps there :D

yan passed me n her dress n some clothes, but I left them on her bf's car. don't want to bring it around.

met up with jellybean.
His friend's bdae celebration.
we were kinda too early, so nua at cine, and got no place to go, and we were stuck watching trailers again. HAHA

His friends were max lame and funny la.

Marche was like complicated for me?
thanks jellybean for paying

I don't know why, I am still not used to erm having someone paying for my stuffs, yah.

Haagen Dazs for dessert.

my vomiting havent stop leh


plz plz plz. just let it stop

n THE QUEEN. bth

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