Saturday, April 2, 2011


sanctum @ causeway point.

(I think Josh, Rhys Wakefield, is damn cute, and cute guys don't die in movies, they are not suppose to)

Had this sudden craving for Japanese food, especially Sushi, so was like saying to go and have sushi buffet or smething, and decided to go for sushitei at causeway point.
weeteng and ruiting went along to check while jellybean and I bought tickets.

sad to say, sushitei closed down? or is it under renovations?
went to ajisen instead, ramen.

Totally make me crave for the ramen @ tiong!
CALLY LIM MUAMIE, let's go one day.


SANCTUM is MAX CRAZY, like seriously.

don't know how many a times, I was panicking while watching?
Heh, I do not want to spoil the show.
Other then the effects.......... which is some part badly made.
I think people won't really recognize?
But hard for us?  With all the 3d background we have?
We can seriously see through them, not like we are damn good in it, but stil....

THE PERSPECTIVE, bloody perspective ><

I had to cover my eyes and hid behind jellybean through one scene, it's max disgusting >< to me, at least.

SO MANY PEOPLE DIED. aish, but I love the make up .
To make them look so real, like the way they died, and sort?
They really look like they died those ways, I mean you know, symptoms ?
argh, don't know how to explain.
coolios to the make up artist.

Then again, James Cameron is just the producer, not the director.
suck ah.

people can only remember him as the AVATAR guy ah?
at least I remembered Titanic,
but forgotten all about Terminator, until I wiki-ed.
oh well, I think am suppose to know all this, but then, I am real bad at remembering names.

Ask me who directed Jurassic Park, for a moment, I really cann't rmb.
oh well, I was still the one who present the show?

okay it's steven spielberg. ><
I REMEMBERED okay! it's just the, at the point of time. I forgot everything.

my heart skipped don't know how many beats at the corridor on the way out from the cinema. <3

IT's max cold.
am like freezing the entire day,
from school > causeway point > mrt home > bus home.

Am not going to wear shorts out to school ><
okay, say say only, I know I will still wear.

I got stunned by this Auntie while waiting for 172 home.
The bus came, so we went over and the auntie suddenly jumped and continue walking like nothing happened.
am just totally stunned there, with the 0.O look -.-

Like seriously?

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