Wednesday, March 30, 2011

yarn and needles; sick

this is the scarf I am knitting for vanda darling, who is all the way in Australia.
I hope that I can actually finish this in time for her birthday, but then, it's a little impossible ah.

Okay, so I fell sick again, something to do with gastric flu?
Been vomiting everything I ate since Monday.
it's like crazy, I am like super hungry, and I want to eat.
I am not making myself vomit, but my body is rejecting food.
It's super saddening please.

With all the vomiting, why won't my weight go down too ah? HMMM... HAHA
okay, no that it really matters.

so I went to see doc today, but I can't remember a single thing he said, it's all in chinese.
had like 3 days worth of MC? But am trying to go school on friday if possible.
and medicine is crazy too.
3 bottles and one bottle of pills.
so it's like
4 times a day, with 3 X 20ml + 6 pills each time.
BITTER some more. damn.

Back to knitting. I am like totally hooked with knitting.
Bringing them everywhere I go.
Losing the needle still hurts me lots, >< , saddening please.
am going to get them once they restock.
do anyone else know where can i get knitting stuffs?

So I got like 3 scarfs to do

vanda - bumblebee. yellow + black
natalie - red + black
preshiie - pink + cream (it was suppose to be pink + black, but the pink she likes don't go well with black, cream a better choice)

am going to knit more, and I promised to knit a scarf for jingyi when she goes Australia to study.
I got 4 years to do that. :D

say till jingyi, my new found good friend.
We click, like immediately.
I like her.
people might think it's weird for us to be good friends?
cause she is like sy's ex and i m his current ?
But, who cares ah?
we are so alike. so damn alike.
that's why we click so easily.
She is so niceeee tooo and super nice to talk too..
jellybean was saying that the amount we two talked is more then I talked to him. opps :X
quite funny.

but i like that girl.

please let her bruises go away ah....

I am hungry, but I can't eat much, else the vomiting will be non-stop.
with all the tibits and stuffs infront of me tempting me, what can I do!?!??!

shall go back to knit

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