Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jellybean's 24th Birthday ^^

JELLYBEAN happy birthday once again <3

Bought cake to school for celebration, and I was like totally panicking in the morning, hope that I won't see any of the birthday boys.
(we were celebrating for samuel and elson too, but samuel didn't go school)
so like always I tweeted, but then, jellybean revived his twitter, and then read my tweet and found out.
So much for making it a surprise and panicking ><

side track, finally started with the wireframe for sculpting, max happy.

went for double neg's talk. Was so tempted in vfx >< but then I really don't want to get a same diploma again ><
should stay well in 3d modelling?
compositing compositing, i really love compositing ><

so we kinda celebrate after the talk by cutting the cakes.

The poor 2 birthday boys, they have to remove the candles by mouth!
should have taken photos, aish.cut the cake, serve us, and then clean up.

the others actually left after eating, how heartless.

seriously cannot stand elson's reaction ><

jellybean and I kinda disappear off to town after that.
cannot stand waine's teasing, it's like I don't know how to react now. ARGH

went cathay and had astons.
like waste of money for me? I was suppose to treat the birthday boy, but cause I had to rush off to the toilet, and thought they accept nets, but they don't and jellybean had to pay. ><
felt so bad please.

this is like going to be his signature pose sooner or later.

I love the food, but ....... ><
shall talk about it later.

jellybeans accompanied me to spotlight after that to get more yarns.
oh and I was too careless.
I lost one of my 5mm knitting needles.
It kinda just dropped out on the way from school to the MRT?
I am like so sad and stupid?

and spotlight don't have the 5mm needles that I use, so I got the shorter 6mm ones ><
oh well.
and 7 more yarns. ><
am crazy ah.
Saw pretty yarns that I wanna get ><

went daiso too..

went back to cathay to catch our movie


it's like seriously nice!
I didn't get bored at all.
and of cause, won bin. Gosh, he with short hair, charming.
The actions are really coool, no extra additional effects needed, just the story and the actions are just nice.
I feel for the girl, a lot, I teared and cried, jellybean cannot stop imitating me.  so irritating.

was suppose to go for jap class after movie, I was still being so enthu asking Andrew what tibits should I get and stuffs, bringing along my jap notes to school.

and why must I not feel well?

I am such a burden.

the sickness can be dedicated into one post on it's own. damn

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