Sunday, February 13, 2011


Chinese New Year wasn't as fun as the previous few years anymore.
Especially after aunty and grandma passed away. We can't visit some people and people can't visit us too.

I actually tidy my room only on Chinese New Year Eve. Amazing or what.
Thew away at least 5 big packs of rubbish, I do keep lots of unwanted stuffs huh -.-
And I still think that there isn't enough space for me to keep all my unwanted/not useful and useful stuffs that I need.

It's cleaner and tidier now, even my cosmetics are sorted by types.
I really do find myself amazing huh.

No visiting on Day 1 this year.
It's a little bit weird for me.
For the past few years, we have been out visiting, or people will come to my house.
This year is just weird.
I actually slept in, and mum decided to watch a movie.
Went Jurong Point at 12 plus to get the tickets for the 6.55pm slot.
'Kiasu' or what, mum were worried that tickets will be sold out, and since we live just opposite Jurong Point, mum send me down to get tickets.
Mum wanted to watch It's a Great, Great World. But the seats were already packed since the day before.
I wanted to laugh so psycho-ed mum to watch Homecoming.

It's bloody hilarious please. It's just for mere laughters, not a movie to enjoy as a movie.
Standard still sucks big time.

2nd Day were visiting day for mum side.
It's like every other year, just that Dad carelessly added in visiting for his secondary school classmates, so we had to rush here and there.
Went to grandaunt house, to Dad's classmate's house and back to our house to actually rot and wait and chat while we wait for time to pass for dinner.
Uncle actually finished my entire collection of bakhwa :(
It's super saddening and depressing please. The bakhwa was like OMFG nice, and he actually finished all?!?!?!

My niece is super duper cute btw. HAHA
Peirong and I cannot stop camwhoring with my laptop.

My outfit for the day

Day 3. went classmates house to visit.

Went Junxian house, and I overslept.
Seriously, Huijin, you really need to kick this habit. It's not good at all.

Had 'yu sheng' there. My 2nd 'yusheng' of the year.

My first time gambling during new year.
Played blackjack with junxian's classmates.
started with $3 and ended with $3, not bad.
Yilin earned a few bucks with just a few rounds and a minimum of 50cents. Not bad.

Went sanyeong house later.
we got nowhere to go, cause junxian going to his classmate's house, and it will be weird for us to go there too.
We got our way lost going there, seriously stupid ><
My third time there, and I still don't know the way. Amazing or what.

Steamboat there~ didn't really eat much, wasn't that full.
Played Need For Speed, it was fun, too bad they don't have it for mac ><
I collected arrows -.-

Day 4. lunch with Dad's family side.

totally loved my outfit for that day. :)

Lunch was okay, but I liked the boss there.

the fish was practically right infront of me and it was like "staring" straight at me.

visited auntie's house, cause I want to see the dogs :P

Walked NEX since we were at that area, the sudden low blood pressure drop happened on me again.
It's bad, I don't like it, I will have the dizzy spells and my right hand cannot stop trembling.
I will turn cold, according to mummy, she say my body is cold. ><

Had dinner at chomp chomp. I was forcing myself actually, all I wanted was to go home and rest actually ><

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