Sunday, February 13, 2011


I didn't blog for weeks.
Was always infront of my laptop but I just didn't remember to blog at all.

Guess I wasn't still used to blogging everyday like in secondary school days, or at least blog frequently.
I was that free last time. HAHA

Been already the 2nd week for Semester 2 already.
School moved to somewhere closer, MRT ride only takes me 15mins, but due to the shutter bus, and the distance, I need to leave house at least 30mins earlier.
Which I normally drag till 15 mins? and I will only be just enough for the 15mins grace ><

I don't really like the area much, there's aint anything to do there.
Plus, lunch time is a little crazy.
Food is kinda ex, and it's always packed.
I can queue till I don't have the appetite to eat. Amazing ah?

Think I will just pack food there, or bring maggie mee or smething.
Being sick this few days, I don't even feel like eating anything though.

The class has this throat infection virus spreading since Day 1.
And one by one of us, been down by the virus.
So, finally my turn.
Good thing I didn't got sick during CNY.
Otherwise it will be just so depressing.

School still well. 7 make up lessons to go.
Crazy semester with character design, 3d basics 2, HD production, storyboard.
Seriously crazy. Not forgetting sculpting 2, which I love to drag on.

I have yet to do up my thumbnails for character designs and my characters for sculpting.
Which are both due on tuesday.
Shall settle them tomorrow.

I bought my wacom tablet, like finally :D
Seriously can't stand using my wacom bamboo anymore, I tends to put too much pressure on the pen, and shortening my pen's nimb lifespan.
Since I was at Sim Lim with the classmates, so I just bought a wacom intuos 4 medium.
cost me a $585. *heart pain*

Still in the box~ shall open and test it out tomorrow.

Watched a few movies since school started too.
Guess we have more chances for movies, since classes ends at 12pm every tues- thurs.
The on-the-way-back-suddenly-want-to-watch-movie-syndrome will so pop up.


The Green Hornet
Seasons of the Witch
Black Swan

So apparently, I got sick now, and need to rest a lot, I don't want to miss classes.
Can't afford to anyway.
So many assignments are done in class, and they will be part of the assessment.

Should I pack sandwiches for lunch on Monday?
I don't want to queue up and find it being a nuisance, and just give up and don't eat.
How many days last week did I only ate just one meal a day?

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