Saturday, January 15, 2011

Post-Assessment; bad luck.


I am relieved.
Jeremy said my face was epic when I looked at the results. HAHA.

Went to Seoul Garden with the class ppl for dinner.
Seriously, I got the thought of just take a cab and go home.
My knee giving me trouble again.

Talking about trouble. How much bad luck can I get, or can We get.

Vanda darling got into an motorbike accident yesterday.
I panicked with Natalie, and we practically rushed down to NUH.
She flew from the bike and landed on the car boot infront of them.
Thanks goodness that they just started moving so they won't moving in a high speed or what.
Otherwise she will be like flonk off somewhere.
Her knee was swollen dued to the cut n bruises she got.
Seriously painful. She hit her head, but thankful for the new helmet that was tight enough.
And because she was so light, the car boot she landed on, only gotten a few scratches.

Good thing she was okay, and is able to walk today.
I pray for her.
Lost jobs, argued with mum, QUT troubles and motorbike accident.
God! Please look after my dear friend, and stop giving her all this bad luck.

I wasn't any better.

The bloody toilet roll dispenser in school was already spoilt.
It was broken, and the plastic cover was like in pieces already.
And gave me three cuts on hand.
Talk about bad luck. WTH

And my knee start swelling up for don't know what reason, and I was practically limping the entire day.
It hurts so bad when I walk up the stairs, so the trip to Marina Square was hell... for me.

Horses always get bad luck every year. Chinese superstitious, we seriously need to pray well.

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