Saturday, January 15, 2011

Long time no post

I havent been blogging since like 3rd Jan.
Should briefly just type what's been going on the past few days.

School been busy, very busy.
Assessment was like due on 10th Jan 2011.
So, we practically go crazy, not sleeping enough hours, trying to rush out our assignments, helping each other, giving each other critics, sending lecturers emails for comments.
The holiday period did not help at all. We are totally engross in the holiday mood, and it kinda drag us down.
Or at least, dragged me down.
I kinda went out almost everyday during the holiday break.
Not good at all, so I had to sacrifice my sleeping hours to make up for the lack of attention spend on my homework.

The weekend before assessment, I practically skyped my classmates, a few of them, everyday.
For don't know what reason, skyping them and doing my assignment at the same time, do help.
It's way better than doing them at home, alone, and get distracted easily by Facebook, Twitter and Mangas.
I was busy reading One Piece, trying to catch up from like chapter 300++ . Total Crazy.
Skyping with WeeTeng, Melvin, JunXian, Elson, Ruiting, Yilin, Eric.
Max crazy. We just talk crap, shoot each other, listen to the guys play dota, send each other our work for comments.
Motivating each other was the main focus.

Good thing it's all over.
Seriously tired. I need to clear my sleep debts, but I'm not doing that well. I been up at nights playing games? Reading one piece, looking at tutorials and watching my anime.

Presentation over and Assessment over.
Good job.

Now I can concentrate on other stuffs. like ENJOY.

go ubin, go genting, go zoo, birdpark, night safari. etc etc etc :D

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