Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I tried to read Narnia, but my ebook refuse to turns the pages.

I can't wait to watch the movie which is going to be out on 9th, this Thurs, the non-3D one.
I don't hate 3D, it's troublesome, since I'm already wearing specs.

I also wanna watch
- the haunted house project
- my soul to take

Horror, I should totally just scare my wits off, and bad headache cells like wt said, so I wont think too much
Or just reasons to cry , since I can cry at anything, not to mention scare.
But I'm still too scare to watch them alone, or maybe I should try,
But still, anyone?

I should really stop blogging and go to sleep cause my hands are getting stiffs and sore from holding the phone in an awkward manner ..

Too tiring, my hands, though I am still bright awake.

- Blogging from my phone with Blogpress :)

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