Thursday, December 9, 2010


Watched movie with my classmates again :)

LET ME IN. The English version this time.
Watched Let the Right one In last year. (didn't had a good memory with it :( )

I still like the story, as in the plot wise.
STILL... I almost fell asleep, perhaps I was just very tired and the headache wasn't helping.

We played L4D2 before watching.
It's so fun having 7 people in the same side, same campaign. It's really much easier HAHA.

We are supposed to watch HELLO STRANGER.
But..... the only seats left were the front row seats.
LIKE OMO, I totally refuse to sit in the first row.
and get a neck ache? NO WAY

So, we watched Let Me In.
I was hoping that it would be better, like more in depth to the characters?
Cause, the characters play a very very big part to the entire story.
It's about them anyway, but the relationship between them could be better. I guess.

I dled the pdf and converted it.
Dumping it into my phone.
Anyone wants can just ask me for either the pdf or the epub file.
Epub file is the file to be read on ebook in iphone/ipod/itouch/ipad. I don't know what else.
okay, maybe not ipod.

Wanted to buy Earl Grey Cookies since suping said they sell it at Marks and Spencer.
But, it was all sold out.


waine taught me this, and i'm loving it. LOL

my med is finished, and my headache is not leaving.

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