Monday, August 9, 2010

Teaser: Yunnan

I have yet to find a place I really like and has no and little limits.
Flickr and photobucket is so limited, not even half of my day 1 photos, and I exceed the limit.
So, before I get rich and upgrade to pro,
I will dig and search around, or I will just spend time resizing or printscreen-ing my photos.

Teaser photos first.

This granny over here, I purposely edit this to black and white, I think its nicer, her leg is "traditional".
What I meant by "traditional" was that, her feet were bound.
For those who don't know, it's an old Chinese custom, practiced on young girls and women.
The smaller the feet the better (the girl is).
However, it was stopped only in the 20th century.

But! It's really hard to see one actual LIVE feet, bound feet!
So, we were actually taking pictures with this granny, she was actually posing for us. HAHA

For more information on bound feet check out here (bound feet).

Worms and Bees.
I actually ate them.
It tasted...... salty.


This place used to be an ocean, Earth's changing everyday and every year.
Now, leaving the stones and cliffs that was undersea, forming this natural STONE FOREST.
It's pretty, weird stones everywhere, trying to guess what shapes they are.

I need to SLEEP.
I got volunteer duties for YOG tomorrow.

Will and shall share links about YOG here too!

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