Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dye the hair

went to dye my hair on thurs!
so early in the morning
wilson kor brought me there!

wanted to do milk tea color, however it doesn't suits my face color
so i just let the hair stylist (yan) to decide
its now RED !

busy day man

head over for duck rice
which don't taste nice at all , and i don't know it WAS nice the time before -.-
and then we went to bishan
and then sat a long trip to IMM
and then we rot all over there and go over to wilson's house

watched bits of alvin and the chipmunk
and part of the first episode of Reborn!

and then we went to fetch JOYCE
she went MISSING -.-
that girl -.-'''
ask her walk straight she dunno walk where -.-

omg so fun
i think i practically make them go crazy
cause I am not used to the tiles
so i have to like COUNT
yes -.-'''

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