Tuesday, March 30, 2010


mum went genting today with my other aunties
i m starting to miss mummy!

and preshiie is coming back :)

i cant really sleep ytd.
so woke up with a bad headace
bad bad headace

i went ntuc to get ingredients
cause i suddenly felt like baking

and then alvin called and asked to watch movie

i felt so lazy
i realise my house have only 2 eggs left
and the recipe need 4 eggs
but somehow the whole thing works well with just 2 eggs LOL

then rushed down to plaza sing to meet alvin, jes, yiping n soomin to watch
"how to train your dragon"

omg its so damn cute please
toothless <3
when the HUGE RYU appears we can't stop laughing for smething reason
too bad it died
toothless killed it hooray

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