Saturday, April 14, 2018

Product Review : Sonaki Vitamin C Filter Showerhead

Do you know that our tap water contains chlorine? A 2.45mg/l equivalent to the amount of chlorine in swimming pool!
Over-exposure of chlorine are real bad for your hair and skin as it strips away moisture and natural oils. Thus resulting in dry skin, frizzy hair and even chronic eczema. 

Big boohoo for me since I have eczema since young and it’s really an issue especially in our humid weather. 

Introducing you Sonaki Showerhead with Vitamin C filter. 
Designed and made in Korea, it's also a bestseller in Korean and on in US too. 

This is the Lotus showerhead, retailing at S$69.90

Sonaki showerhead contains a Vitamin C chlorine-filter that will help you wash away all those chlorine so you can have less worries for your skin and hair!

You may get silkier hair, smoother skin, lesser skin irritation, lesser hair fall and dandruff too!
Noticeable changes can be seen in just 4 weeks of using!

I love how the filter turn the water so gentle and it’s really relaxing to use while showering!!! So do not worry using it on pets and babies! 
Plus it offer optimum water pressure without increasing the water bills!

The filter can last you for months and it's easily replaceable. Simply buy a 3 pcs pack at SS15.00 and you can easily change the filter and continue having the Vitamin C Filter protecting your skin!

I guess my mum was excited with a new showerhead for our home that she opened up the box and installed before I even noticed it was here. End up didn’t managed to take any packaging photos >< 
So here’s a photo from Shuqing, you can also check out her review too at

For more information on sonaki vitamin c filter shower head check out

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