Sunday, August 6, 2017

Celebrate Life with Party Poppers!

Party Poppers aren't uncommon nowadays, you see them in celebrations, weddings and events. But how many people know where to get them at an affordable price with a huge variety for you to choose?

Introducing Party Popper Singapore!

I was invited to Party Popper Singapore where they shared more about their company and the different poppers that are available.
Do you know just in last month, more than 10,000 individual poppers were sold?

Marcus, the founder, shared with us about the company and also mentioned how easy to use the popper.
Just a twist and turn and POP!
There's also a child friendly version where instead of turning, the children can just simply pressed a button and have fun as well!

Party Popper Singapore brings you tons of different poppers with different confetti for you to choose from. 

This is their champagne design party popper. Looks like the real thing right?

The thing Party Popper Singapore is different from other brands out there is that their poppers are filled to the brim as compared.
You get much more fun, more confetti and more joy with Party Popper Singapore's Poppers.

Starting from just $1.50 their confetti ranged from your normal rainbow confetti to sakura petals to dollar notes to heart shape confetti.

Here some of my favourite

40cm US Dollar Mini Notes

20cm Heart Shaped bits

First in Singapore market
60cm Red couple silhouette and hearts
Even their popper external design can be customised to suit your needs. 
Isn't it a good idea to celebrate your events or weddings?

Soon, they will also be able to customise the confetti with select images and photos.

I had fun at the media launch with my other blogger friends.
The launch was officiated with dragon dance and lion dance.

Here are we in a group photo with the lion and dragon dance crew and also a chance to pop the poppers!

What you can see in the video and photo above is the 60cm Golden Long Streamer.
Isn't it pretty and magnificent? 

We also had fun trying out the different type of poppers available.
Can you tell how happy we are?

Check out Party Poppers Singapore at their facebook page
and their instagram @PartyPopperSingapore

Visit and start popping!

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