Sunday, December 13, 2015

[Food Review] Mr Rich Cookies

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December is my favourite month, other than my birthday falling in December, it's a month of sharing.
December is a festive month as Christmas is coming!
Lots of presents and goodies to buy and I normally will be quite stuck thinking of Christmas presents ideas.

Friends know me as a huge fan of Cookies, my name tells anyway.

Introducing you one of the goodies that 
Asia Food Mart 
is bringing in to you, in our little red dot Singapore.

Asia Food Mart is an online shopping mart, where you get various delicious food deals.
There are various establishments and certified bakeries.

The awesome thing is that you can easily collect your goodies from their office at 

Triple One Somerset 111
Somerset #02-04
Singapore 238164
(Opposite 313 Somerset Taxi Stand)

It's really convenient as it is situated in the town area, centralize.
Simply just order online and collect it freshly made!

They have a few different brands and varieties of yummy food on the site.

From Nyoya Kueh Lapis Cakes to lovely matcha cakes to mouth drooling egg tarts


The main star here are the cookies from Mr Rich Bakery!

Mr Rich Bakery started with love from a guy to his fiancee.
Mr Rich's fiancee is a huge fan of pastry and delicacies.
For his fiancee's birthday, Mr Rich spent hours secretly working on baking recipes to bake the perfect cookies that turned out tender and fluffy.
None of the guests actually believed that those were his creations!

As a joke, one of the female guests created a Instagram page for Mr Rich.
Guess what? 
Mr Rich soon turned into a popular legend among Generation Y girls in town (Hong Kong).
Isn't it romantic?

Mr Rich Cookies comes in 5 flavours.

The cookies are soft and fluffy and melts in your mouth.
The texture of the cookies just makes me want more and more. 

My parents aren't pastries people but they do agree that the cookies from Mr Rich are absolutely delicious.
I came home one day with only half tin left *jaws drop*

My favourites are the New Zealand butter and Caramel Matcha flavored.

The butter taste is so rich and not too over powering.
I do not like flavours that are too over powering, as they will wash the entire texture and taste of the cookies off.
While the cookies melt in my mouth I could taste the rich buttery taste but not too much for my taste buds.

I am a tea person so Matcha definitely my favourite.
The slightly saltiness of the matcha flavour comes out as the cookies melt in your mouth.
It's not too much but enough for you to taste with the cookies.

I had always heard how delicious the cookies in Hong Kong are and am so glad I get a chance to taste them.
Not only that, they are now in Singapore!
You don't have to fly to Hong Kong just to satisfy those cravings anymore!

The cookies tins also comes in lovely packaging when you purchase 2 tins,
making it just nice as a present for Christmas!

The Mr Rich Cookies that Asia Food Mart is selling comes in 2 different variations.

The 2 flavored ones are sold at  $14.90/each

The 5 flavored ones (all the flavors mentioned above) are sold at
$24.90 Each

With Christmas and Chinese New Year coming up the 5 flavored ones are also sold at
$45.90 for 2 tins (up. $49.80)

It will be a great choice to share with your guests over Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Friends out there here's a $5 discount for you!
Simply quote the code " COOKIEOLOGIC5" while you check out!

1. valid only for second purchase
2. customer will receive unique code once transaction has been verified
3. expiry Jan 31, 2016

Get your Mr Rich Cookies from Asia Food Mart now!

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