Friday, May 24, 2013

DermaTech Whitening System, Facial Session!


Thanks to Nuffnang, I got to visit Bella Skin Care for a facial session.

I haven't properly been for a facial session since poly times.
I never liked facial as I am really afraid of pain.
The extraction of whitehead, blackhead and pimples scare me off.
Thus, I always ended up trying to fix things myself
- sleeping mask, sheet mask, products etc.
It's not too bad.

Thanks to the facial session I get to know my skin better,
and surprisingly, extraction wasn't that painful as I remember.

Greeted with friendly smiles as I entered, 
I was asked to take a seat before consultation.

It was pleasing, I like their customer service.

Before I forgot to mention, 
I was at the Jurong Point Branch of Bella Skin Care.

(was served a cup of tea while I wait for my turn)

I was half nervous and half excited, since I haven't been to facial for so long.

The consultant was kindly explaining to me in layman terms,
like seriously, I am grateful for that since I don't really know much in dept to facial and how it's work.

What I did was:

DermaTech Whitening System (DWS)

It's a new treatment which helps to eradicate stubborn age spots, hyper-pigmentation, freckles & uneven skin tone.
Of course, whitening the skin.

DermaTech Whitening System
Together with 
Chromotherapy, Bio-Minus 3 Degrees & Oxygen Cream Mask
the DermaTech Advance Lightening Serum
helps to get skin clarity, luminosity & blotch-free complexions.

The individual rooms are really comfortable and the ambience are really nice.
I was dozing off throughout the facial session.

DermaTech Whitening System consist of 2 key ingredients :

- Water soluble Vitamin B complexion
- reduce epidermal water loss
- improves circulation 

AA2G Complex with Vitamin (20%)
- Vitamin C:
* important antioxidants for skin
* prevent UV radiation damage to the skin
* improves elasticity 

- Unique AA2G
* natural vitamin C
* promotes collagen synthesis, thus increasing elasticity & suppleness 
* prevent pigmentation

Oxygen Cream Mask
- moisturizing 
- smoother fine lines and deep wrinkles
- helps to diminish age spots and surface pigmentation
- repair, renew and soothe sun damaged skin
- healthier, fresher and glowing complexion 
- youthful radiant and luminous skin

It's totally full of nutrients and vitamins for my skin!! 

There was also paraffin treatment for my hand :D
Paraffin are awesome!

The facial session was really comfortable.
My aesthetician is really nice, explaining to me what she is doing with every steps. 

Overall my skin tone really turns whiter! 
It's cleaner since all my dead skins are removed thus my pores can breathe better. 

Can you see the glow in my skin? 
Love the radiant

Love the overall session and the effect to my face ;)

Guess what?
you get to have a discount to DermaTech Whitening System!!
Just simply call or visit the website :D

and state : :)

Usual price at $250 per session and you get to enjoy it at $168!!!

Check out or call them at 1800-7777-222

Thank you Nuffnang and Bella Skin Care for the opportunity. 

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