Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Levi's 501 Interpretation - Celebrity Edition

[fashion event]

In conjunction with their 140th anniversary,
Levi's held a fashion event at Ion Orchard last Saturday.

With Celebrities Felicia Chin, Tosh Zhang, Ian Fang and Ya Hui,
plus Emcee Ivy Tan from Yes 933FM,
Levi's brings you

Levi's 501 button fly jean was the first and original blue jean - born on May 20, 1873.
The Spring/Summer 2013 collection marks their 140th anniversary with it's iconic 501 jeans.

Breaking through tradition,
Levi's introduce three-piece non-denim collection into their 501 collection.
Available in True Chino, Chalk Blue and Mineral Red, still maintaining the Levi's spirit.

and Lucky me got to take a photo with the 4 celebrities.

Ya Hui is really pretty!!!!!

All of the bloggers were each given a goodie bag at the event with some vouchers to use.
Going without lunch, I simply chomp the snack off before it starts.

A photo with Eileen and Regine, (with Christina photo-bombing), before the event. 

Out came the 4 celebrities with their own interpretation and style of Levi's 501.

Both Ya Hui and Ian Fang are wearing the new non-denim collection - True Chino & Mineral Red.

I really liked what Felicia Chin was wearing.
Both the top and jeans were Men's cutting, and yet she managed to bring them off with a feminine look. 
It's really the way you portray yourself.
The way she wore the blouse? totally AMAZING.

Fans & Audience get to play a simple quiz game with the 4 celebs, 
knowing the 501 Jeans even better.

Did I mention how crazy (in a good way) and supportive their fans were?
The event starts at 1pm and apparently some were already there at 9am!

Each celeb get to style an 8 Days Shirtless Guy, using the Levi's 501 jeans.
With a little help with stylist, Steve, they styled the guys according to their own personal interpretation,
and we get to vote for the best shirtless guy styled.

Here's stylist, Steve.

First up, Felicia Chin and her shirtless model.

Apparently Felicia Chin really likes guys that wear hoodies~

Here's Ian Fang and his shirtless guy, choosing a polo tee inside with a color combi that goes well with the hoodie.

They made all 4 shirtless guys do push-ups on the spot.

Next, Ya Hui. 
Her shirtless guy was the cutest of all.
Yes, the dimples totally melted us all.

Lastly, Tosh Zhang.
With breakdance background, how can he not perform something right?

His shirtless guy was very korean-style, especially with the hair cut and color.

All 4 celebs and their 4 shirtless models. 
A summary before the shirtless guys are off to be voted.

Yes, we get to paste our votes on them and the highest voted shirtless guy win. (duh)

and congrats to Yahui's shirtless guy! 

1 Lucky Fans and Audience who voted for each shirtless guy also won something,
(which I didn't have a single decent photo of them) 

Anyway, that's that.
Check out your nearest Levi's store and get your latest Spring/Summer 2013 501 collection!

Some photos with the bloggers before I end this post!! 

With Regine and Eileen! 

Janet and Jesslyn from OMY.sg

Last but not least!
Dimple shirtless guy that won~

Thanks OMY.sg and Levi's for the invitation!!

Check out http://www.levi.com.sg/ for more details on Levi's 501 collection!

all photos powered by Casio EX-ZR700
barely need to even edit my photos~ whee

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