Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vita Green Lingzhi

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This time I am back with a box of Vita Green Lingzhi!!

I got to try out a bottle of Lingzhi capsules from VitaGreen!
My mum practically opened it before I took photos, haha. 
Even mummy was interested in it!

photo from wikipedia

Lingzhi 灵芝 mushroom is a type of fungal, literally meaning "supernatural mushroom".
Lingzhi mushroom existed thousands years ago and 
had been used for medical purpose as medicinal mushroom in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years.

VitaGreen Lingzhi comes in Capsules form and each bottle contains 72 capsules.

There are 100 types of Lingzhi, but only 6 are prized for their therapeutic powers. 
They are sorted into different colors according to their healing paths.
VitaGreen Lingzhi consists of all the colors thus making it the most complete form of Lingzhi product up to date.

The colors are sorted as following :

White - for Lungs
Green - for Liver and Eyes
Black -- for Brain and Kidneys
Violet - for Replenishing Vital Energy
Red - for Joints, Skin and Heart
Yellow - for Spleen and Intestines

VitaGreen Lingzhi benefits the body internally and externally.
"Beauty comes from within"

VitaGreen Lingzhi helps to 
Strengthen immune systems
Promote blood circulation
Gives extra energy
Improve complexion
Helps with beauty 
Reduce allergy symptoms, white hair and age spots
Slows down the signs of aging
Helps with sleep

I have been eating the VitaGreen Lingzhi pills for 2 weeks or so.
Taking 2 pills every alternate days in the morning.

It really do gives me extra energy and keep me awake the entire day, giving me more energy to work!

However, Lingzhi is heaty on it's own, so remember to drink lots of water after taking it!
For those who gets heaty easily, you can eat the capsules once in a few days. 

VitaGreen LingZhi is suitable for all ages, males and females,
and can be consumed over extensive period of time.

You can read up more information on Lingzhi on wikipedia!
more product info on VitaGreen's website too!

You can find VitaGreen Lingzhi at any Guardian stores, 
with a Introductory price of $109!
(retailing $129)

Get your VitaGreen Lingzhi now and live a healthier life! 


  1. wow perhaps i shud try since i always feel sleepy. =( and brands chicken essence doesnt work on me.

    1. yes you should try~ and remember to drink lots of water after eating!