Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fide Fashion Weeks - Japan Couture Evening

Just last Wednesday, Sochii from brought me along for the 
Japan Couture Evening, part of Fide Fashion Weeks, over at Marina Bay Sands.

To be honest, I never knew much about fashion or fashion statement.
I wear what I like and what is appealing to my eyes, plus suitable for me.
Guess the styles that I really like would be Japanese and Korean fashion, especially Gyaru make-up but maybe dress down for the clothing.
I always mix and match here and there and my style change accordingly to my mood and such.

Still, even without any knowledge, it still awe me when I attended fashion walk/shows.
Maybe coming as an art/media student, you notice details more than others,
and fashion is also a type of art to me.
Fashion design that is.

This is my first time going for a couture fashion show.
I am not experienced in taking photos of fashion walks and obviously just with my kit lens that's not a lot I could really do as compared to the other professional photographers out there.
I did tried my best though and I really find it fun too.

The Japan Couture Evening was held on 28th November, Wednesday.
It showcased three Japanese fashion designers,
- Somarta by Tamae Hirokawa
- Junko Shimada
- Yumi Katsura

and they had Kenzo Tekada as their VIP guest.
Somewhat, I did actually heard the name Kenzo before, somewhere.
He is a renown Japanese designer whom founded The House of Kenzo in 1970 which is famous for perfume, skincare products and clothes.

credits from wikipedia
Don't expect me to explain much, but please just look at the photos and designs instead.
First, photos with friends and managed to snap a shot with Kenzo.
Please pardon the quality though.

and Christina (right)

It's been awhile since I saw Claire!

and the famous designer Kenzo!
At times like these, I always regret not picking up Japanese pro-per-ly.

and here's my Outfit of the Day.
Love the floral prints, really.
Oh, and the shoes that I newly bought from Charles & Keith
 Seriously, it looks pretty and all but it's really not suitable for my ankle, I end up slipping off the wedge most of the time.

Just saying, I won't be uploading ALL of the photos but selections on this blog post.
The others photos WILL BE on my FACEBOOK PAGE though.
Once again, this is my first take on Fashion Walk.

Here are some sneaks.
Will be separating the post with each designer.

Somarta by Tamae Hirokawa.

Junko Shimada


We missed the last designer, Yami Katsura.
Had to rush off.

Like I say, I know nuts about fashion, but as a girl, it's still nice to look at pretty clothes after all.

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