Tuesday, December 25, 2012

EOY 2012

I know I am two weeks late with this post. 
Yes, I went for EOY 2012!!!

 This year I went to EOY 2012 as a blogger instead! 
Back in Secondary school days when I was really into the Cosplay scene, 
EOY was the first event that I cosplayed at. 

Ps. Outfit of the day!

All those time and memories are still in my memories. 
Thanks to EOY, I did manage to get know a number of friends which I am still keeping contact with. 

Went ahead with Chiro http://charismatic-chiro.blogspot.sg/ and boyfriend this time. 

I thought I could survive the heat but I barely did. EOY 2012 is different from any years before. 

This year, it's FREE!!!! 

 There were even addition of 
Meido Ambassadors, Kira Candy girls (https://www.facebook.com/KiraCandyGirls), 
Dolfies Maid Cafe and Cosplay Ambassadors and so on. 
You would have known if you read my previous post already!

 There isn't much I could say, so I will let the photos show you what's on EOY 2012!! 

What's EOY without cosplayers right?!

 The only sad thing about EOY 2012 this year, 
it's about the venue and such, even though it's big it's really messy.
 Or maybe because it's big, stalls are quite spreaded throughout, 
but those booths selling merchandise, fanart and etc are squeezed together instead. 

It was so hot and the water sold out real fast, and food was really limited ;( 

 This year, EOY 2012 didn't clash with CF (Comic Fiesta) yet clashed with L2P instead, 
thus there wasn't as many cosplayers as before. 

 Good job and hard work for EOY team for bringing us EOY free this year. 
It's really hard to plan an event so big, it's successful anyway. 
Plus, people always learn from feedbacks and comments. 

 Before ending the post, here's a bunch of photos with the friends I met at EOY 2012!!! 

 You may also view my EOY 2012 on my Facebook Page

 See you at EOY 2013!

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