Wednesday, November 28, 2012

LOCO spanish tapas bar - Food Tasting.


This happened one month ago when Shannon of  kindly invited me along for a food tasting session with 2 others.
(and that's why my hair is still black)

We visited LOCO spanish tapas bar along Boat Quay back in October.
 Yes, SPANISH FOOD, authentic spanish food.

I never really tried spanish food before, or actually visit a spanish restaurant.
Even if I did ate some dishes before they are from those western restaurants with a fusion of different western cuisine.
I was always more of a Asian food person, like Japanese and Korean which are my favorite.

LOCO spanish tapas bar brings you authentic spanish food.
Even though their head chef is a local, he had been in Spanish for years and picked up a handful skills there.
Thus, providing you with real, delicious, mouth-watering authentic spanish food.

Here's a photo with Chef Sudirman bin Alias and Suzanne.

Suzanne says that Mr Chef is real shy and so we are real lucky that he actually came out and took some photos with us.

Shall not keep you people in suspense, here are the awesome delicious dishes.
People, contain your salivas.

I always love Cream of Mushroom, I can't tell you how delicious this is.
You can really tell just from drinking that the Chef really did put in effort brewing this and not use some ready made cream of mushroom from those can soups.

I am not much of a prawn person but this, captured my heart and I couldn't stop eating it.
The garlic and chili go so well with the prawn and it's so so addictive.

This is a signature dish from Valencia, it's full of ingredients from seafood to vegetables and even chicken plus secret recipe of flavorings.
The rice below just give out this fragrance smell and it's like eating stone pot rice, you just nice to "dig" the sides and bottom and that's where all the good stuffs are.

Pasta with Squid and Squid Ink Sauce, this is one "dangerous" dish.
We had to be slow and careful while eating this, otherwise we will end up with black tongues and lips.
Nevertheless, this dish is awesome, it's not always you get squid ink pasta that doesn't have that strong squid taste yet it's just nice for flavoring.

Sangria are made with fresh tropical fruits, brandy and wine. 
I personally think they are a little sour and sweet at the same time.
You can't really taste the brandy actually so it's real alright for a afternoon drink.

Some photos with the other bloggers.

Suzanne and Michiee there will be glad to serve you :D

Thank you Shannon (MSK) and LOCO for the invite.

LOCO Spanish Tapas Bar48 Boat Quay
Singapore 049837
Tel : 6535 2841

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