Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Genting 2D1N Snow World Part I

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I went to Genting again!!!!! 
Warning ahead! Photos heavy!

Actually I kinda expected not being able to go since I went for the previous trip already.
Quite a number of blogger friends were trying so I went ahead too.
Post here >> http://www.cookieologic.com/2012/09/winter-and-snow-in-genting.html

I got LUCKY!!!!
Melissa from Nuffnang called me on Friday (the trip was on Saturday) and told me that someone backed out and whether I can make it!!!
Super hype over it!!!!
First Big Bang and now Genting, how lucky am I !!! :P
It's even more exciting since a bunch of my blogger friends are going too.

Anyway...WARNING, somehow the posts for this trip is longer than expected, thus will be splitting into a few parts :D

It's a 2 Days 1 Night trip.
The main thing about this trip was to visit the newly renovated Snow World.
photo credited from http://www.rwgenting.com/
The previous time it was still under renovation thus we didn't manage to go.
5 other Nuffnang's bloggers were be going with us too :
Silver http://thatsilvergirl.blogspot.sg/
Sophie http://sophiewillocq.blogspot.sg/
Melissa http://melissacelestinekoh.wordpress.com/
TypicalBen http://typicalben.blogspot.sg/
Randy http://randyys.blogspot.sg/

Dad fetched me to Golden Mile on that day, I was really tired and sleepy, I only had like 2 hours of sleep or so, since I was back late from Big Bang concert plus all the packing.
Met up with the other bloggers and Nuffies Jayne & Gabby and board the coach towards Genting!!

The motion sickness pills I ate was super effective.
Even before we reached Singapore custom, I can feel the medicine's effect and feeling drowsy already.
Slept most of the way there other than waking up during breaks and stops.

Didn't eat much at Yong Peng too, and ended up with a waffle instead.

Finally we reached Genting!!!
It wasn't that cold than I expected (mum told me the weather turned colder), indeed was colder than before but it's just nice with a jacket or long sleeves.

with Amanda http://amandaw-isabelynn.blogspot.sg/ 
with Tiffany http://www.missytiffany.com/
We didn't check in right away since we were too early thus we proceed for Lunch first :)

Restoran Good Friends, 好友记 (non-halal)Level 2, Highlands Hotel
Operation Hours :Breakfast & Lunch (Daily) 6.30am - 3.00pm
Dinner (Daily) 6.00pm - 10.00pm

The previous trip we ate breakfast here, so I was quite hype on how's the lunch menu like.

Here's a group photo of my table!!!
(from left to right) 
Joey (http://iisjong.blogspot.sg/), Deenise (http://www.deeniseglitz.blogspot.sg/),
Ruiting (http://lovelivfe.com/), Claressa (http://www.givinginlife.blogspot.sg/),
Melissa (http://melchoi.com/), MEEEE, Silver (http://thatsilvergirl.blogspot.sg/),
Peishi (http://speishi.blogspot.sg/) and KaMan (http://kamanbaby.blogspot.sg/)

This is what happened when you dine with a table of bloggers, all busy taking photos.
No one can start eating till everyone have taken at least one photo of the dish.

Ginseng Roots with Chicken
Home-made soya bean curd with crab egg sauce
Steamed free-range Chicken
Spare Ribs with Chef's sauce
This was my favourite out of all, the spare ribs is just so delicious.

Steamed Marble Goby Fish with minced ginger
Australia Asparagus with lily bulbs
Honeydew Sago

Cripsy Lo Mei Chi
We thought this might be Salted Bean Paste Pastry aka Dou Sa Bing but nope we are wrong.
It's actually MOCHI inside, a little hard for me to eat though.

Overall the food are quite nice!! It's really a waste though, cause we can't finish everything.

After lunch we headed back to check in.
Initially my room mate was supposed to be Jowey (http://ohfanatic-jo.blogspot.sg/) but I was feeling a little awkward staying with some one I don't know.
Jasmine (http://jasminevictorina.blogspot.sg/) was nice to switch with me and thus ending up staying with TIFFANY (http://www.missytiffany.com/) instead :)

This time we got to stay in the First World Hotel's World Club Room!!! 
It's hugeeeeeeee, bigger than what we stayed previously.

There's even a sofa and bath-tub!!
The toilet are full of necessities too!!

(seriously think I look better without specs)
Prepared and suppose to head down to meet the others.
Kinda real hard to meet a big group where majority of us are un-contactable since we didn't have roaming.
Tiffany and I walked and shopped around instead.

Pulled Tiffany to have Baskin Robbins :X

There wasn't really much for us to shop?
We ended up at SASA as I was wondering whether the sales was still going on.
Sad to say it ended but there was a masks discounts @ 4 for 10RM.
Which is like 1SGD per piece?
I bought like 40RM worth (16 pieces).
The price tagged behind stated 4.90RM, so it's definitely way cheaper.
Got myself a lip balm too as I left mine in Singapore.

Headed to Nike Factory Outlet too, where I got my biggest steal of all.
In my favorite color too!! Purple X Black!!! :)
It's really worth it!!! At 109RM, it's only around 40SGD!!!

(*coughs* however this pair of shoes took half the amount of money I bought to Genting with me, I ended up having to change money with Melissa)

We still had time and couldn't find the others and Tiffany was interested in the 4D ride so we decided to go ahead.
Didn't had a go the previous time cause the person told us that the waiting time was 1 hour!!!
However this time we got lots of time to spare so we went ahead to queue.
It's actually only took us around half an hour of waiting till our turn?

You do not need to have the indoor theme park/all theme park pass to go for this ride.
Simply just purchase the pay per ride ticket @ 8RM to have a go at it!

Cam-whoring with Tiffany while waiting but ended up getting bored instead.

Ride was quite fun.
We were like "self-high" inside.
Screaming and shouting along with others.
It will be boring if you don't enjoy it right? So make yourself enjoy it! HEHE

Headed back to the hotel room after this to put our stuffs down and to prepare to go for dinner.
Needless to say, we took even more photos.

Seriously speaking, not to be thick skin, but I really do like myself more without specs.
RIGHT? I mean I look better without specs (as in comparing myself with specs on)

Anyway, DO WAIT FOR MY PART II of my Genting 2D1N Snow World post :)

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