Thursday, September 27, 2012


I finally created a Facebook page for the blog, COOKIEoLOGIC.
Will really appreciate if you guys show some support!!!


I am currently working now, so am still trying to get use to working life.
Will try my best to juggle between personal life and work life so I can blog more.
For now, please bare with me with only a few posts a week, or even month ><
I am quite sad too.

Will be blogging over the weekend though!! Please look out for it~~~

Anyway, back to my Facebook PAGE.
Since I was taking photos for the Nuffnang winter fashion blog post for Genting,
(sadly that I didn't get choosen, perhaps because I went for the previous trip already)
I edited some for the Facebook page covers :)

Here's the one I am using now,

Here's another one that I wanna use, but need more edits as it looked wash up so I decided to just change the photo

Believe it or not, the background is my actual wall in my bedroom, with a little touch up of course.

Loving the photos I took that day, will be editing them and blogging + putting on my page soon.
Really want to make the blog well and moving.
I really love blogging, or come to love it.
I enjoy blogging and sharing, not to mention attending events and get to know a lot of great friends that I am keeping contact with.
PLUS, hanging out with them, even outside blog events.

Even with friends that judge (yes, friends), I will never regret picking up blogging as a passion.
It's fun and exciting!!!

<3 you guys!!!!

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