Sunday, September 9, 2012

Genting Trip. Part II - Theme Park

Here's the 2nd part of the Genting trip!!
Once again, thanks Nuffnang and Genting for the 3D2N sponsored trip.

Part II is image heavy, mainly because we went to the theme park on Day 2 and BF took lots of photos :)
Am so happy that he enjoyed himself there and helping us to take so many photos without complaining once. Thank you.

Part II will be all about the Theme Park!!!
I won't have much to type I guess as the photos will tell you all what happened.

Day Two

I was still feeling a little sick in the morning thus I didn't really eat much for breakfast, thanks goodness that Evalee bought flu medicine otherwise I won't be recovering much.

We didn't want to eat too heavy of a meal too as we will be heading down to the Theme Park.
Don't want to sit the rides with a full tummy and end up vomiting instead. It's not healthy.

We had our breakfast at the Lobby Cafe (First World Hotel, Lobby Floor)
I ended up with just a simple garden salad while the others had wonton mee or some sort.

I guess because it wasn't school/public holidays, thus the crowd at the Theme Park wasn't too bad.
We didn't need to waste time to queue much.

Miyo and bf didn't join us on day 2, so it's only the 6 of us.

The theme park still seems to be the same old theme park, maybe with an additional of one or two new rides.
Nothing much changed, it's like what I had remembered. Majority of it.

I will be damn happy if I get to bring this home.
We ended up playing at the game stalls instead of going for the rides first.

I didn't get anything but lucky Evalee won a frog plushie.

We gave up after a while and I spend quite a bit here. Money wise.
Went to sit this kiddy ride as a starting before heading off for more rides.

and this elephant ride.

It was hilarious.
On this ride, there is this button that allows you to change the height of your "elephant", like going up and down while circulating.
Apparently the button was too loose for Evalee and XinYan. So, when they pressed, it just goes straight down immediately.
You can actually feel the falling impact, and Evalee couldn't stop screaming about it as XinYan finds it super amusing and fun to keep pressing the button.
It's a children ride, omg, too much scream for one.
Cindy and I couldn't stop laughing.

Then, there's the spinner.
It's still exactly like how it was since many years ago, one of the main attraction of the theme park.
I couldn't sit the ride as I will get motion sickness and end up feeling unwell.
Evalee and I stood aside and watch instead.

I was snapping photos non stop, trying to catch them in frame and delete those that aren't them.

Went into a Chocolate shop after that.
You don't need to purchase chocolate to enter, it's pretty inside for photo taking session!

We went lunch from here onwards but I shall finish blogging about the theme park instead.

We wanted to sit the 4D motion ride at the indoor theme park, but according to the person, the waiting time was 1 hour so we decided to give up in the end.

Since we were quite full from Lunch, we ended up with family rides again.

some of us wanted to try the water ride but looking at how drenched people got, we decided not to.

Went back to this new ride right at the front of First World, it's this roller coaster but you play it lying down flat.
I couldn't risk feeling sick after the ride so I sat out of it with Evalee, it was real tempting though.
Comparing with everything in the Theme Park, this ride had the longest queue, around 30mins I guess?

Evalee and I ended up looking at cute little kids running around. Haha.

I am actually quite tempted to sit on the ride, but I seriously shouldn't. Incase anything la.

I reminds me of Spiderman a lot because of the web design on the ride but XinYan says it's Superman because of the direction and you lying down through out.

And lastly, MY FAVOURITE RIDE... CORKSCREW!! Le rollercoaster ride.

It was funny, I hit my head half way through the ride. ><
Somehow, I will always hit somewhere or find bruises somewhere whenever I take a rollercoaster ride.
From Pasar Malams, Escape Theme Park, USS, Korea and now Genting. MANS.

So it went like this. 
Me : AHHHHHHHH~ OUCH! pain pain pain pain pain

so we ended up screaming in pain instead.
She laughed at me after I "OUCH", her ear stuck got pulled off half way the ride, worst still, during the 360 degrees turn.
It sounds painful already right?
Luckily she found it, kinda hook on her hair or something.

The rides were closing already, thus the Corkscrew was out last ride at the Outdoor Theme Park.
Wanted to try the go-kart actually.
We walked towards the "Dinosaurland", it's really, seriously, still the same as before!!!

Got instagram's filter feel?
Will share this on another blog post!!! Good things must share :)

Another GIF :) with photoshop instagram filter effects.

and some randoms before we head out of the Theme Park.

So, that's all.
We did go to the indoor theme park for awhile but no photos taken.
Only sat on the indoor roller coaster twice and bumper car once.
That's only Evalee, XinYan and I though.

Wait for my Part III!!!

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