Thursday, September 6, 2012

Genting Trip. Part I

Here's the extended version of the Genting trip :)

Thanks to Nuffnang and Genting, I got to spend a weekend there with my bf!
To be honest, I was waiting for the call the entire week and am super excited about it.
Especially since I graduated now, I need a short getaway!!

I couldn't sleep the day before, and spend most of the time rolling on my bed.
Not forgetting packing my luggage really last minute, which I shouldn't do it in the future.
Was glad that Daddy fetched us to the pick up point @ Golden Mile, otherwise I will be real late.

It was funny.
On our way there, there was a 5 Stars Coach passing by us, so I make a remark about saying maybe it's our ride to Genting jokingly.
and Tadah, it was really the exact same coach that we are going to be in.
The bus number was too easy to forget, 9299.
(on a side note, why are their coach number with lots of 9. The returning one was 9399)
Yeah, and I think dad went to buy 4D with the number.

I was afraid that I didn't know anyone else on the trip and need to mingle around but was glad to find people I know going, and obviously forming a group hanging out together in Genting.
Got to know Miyo was going through twitter and found Cindy and Evalee there on the day, and
PHEW, friends.

with (clockwise) Le Bf, Xin Yan, Me and Evalee
break at Yong Peng
up the mountain to Genting

Don't know whether you can tell from the above photo, but the road up the mountain is so much different right now. 
It's broader and the mountains around are net up so don't have to worry about landslides or rocks.
It's definitely safer to travel now.

We arrived at Genting around 12pm plus 1pm. (We left Singapore at 6.30am), waited for checking in done by Zoe Raymond and the others.
After we got our room cards, food cards and theme park tickets, we headed to put our luggage and rest before heading out for lunch. (Brunch for me actually)
We were famished.

with Miyo

We each got a 700RM food card for us to spend on food on the 3 days there, and I am loving it!

Room was alright, it's First World Hotel, Deluxe Room.
It's quite small but still alright. The only sad thing was that our room was facing the other side of rooms too, so we kinda just left the curtains closed for all the days.

and here's an outfit of the day before we headed down for Brunch.
This was before I changed. Kinda just changed intro shorts in the end.
It wasn't as cold as I expected.

I think I am going to post the food separately, but here are the summarize ones.
Brunch, Day 01 was at Coffee Terrace. (Lobby, Genting Hotel)

We were kinda late when we reached there. 
Lunch was up till 2.30pm and we there at 2pm so we got only 30minutes to get the food.
So the girls went off to get all sort of food and we buffet on our table.

This was for 8 of us (6 girls 2 guys), we kinda just stacked the food like CRAZY.

from left to right:
Irene, Cindy, Miyo, Miyo's bf, Evalee, XinYan, me and BF
Coffee Terrace has quite a variety of food. 
From Chinese to Japanese and even to Western.

The best thing was the MACARONS, we kinda just swipe them off the racks and eat like crazy.

We proceeded back to our hotel to try to hitch a cab to the Strawberry Farm.

Here's the thing.
There are a few ways to get to the Strawberry Farm.
You can get on the cable car at 6RM and take the farm shuttle to the farm at 2RM or the Taxi... but
Taxi are expensive to catch there.
They offered us 160 RM two way trip for the 8 of us.
In the end we managed to get this mini-bus at 80RM 2 way trip for us.

This is the shuttle bus, cute right?

The mini-bus is really spacious. 

It took around 15-20 minutes to travel downwards to the Strawberry Farm?
I napped on my way back though.

The driver stopped us at this chocolate shop before heading down to the farm.
It's like the commission base kind? So we kinda just walked a little only.
It's real pricey though.

The Strawberry farm is bigger than I expected, it includes the Lavender farm and mushroom farm too.
Even though I am like a city child, but I love going to the farms. 
It's always nice visiting places like this.

You can actually pick the strawberries there but we didn't. Instead I bought one pack of strawberries back.
Don't expect much from the strawberries though, the weather there isn't the best for growing so they are kinda the smaller ones.
The one I bought was a little sour >.<

They do sell other stuffs like soft toy merchandise, strawberry juice, jams etc. 

Yeah, as mentioned, I changed into shorts.
The weather was actually just nice, cooling but not too cold.

The lavender farm was absolutely pretty, bet it will be even nicer if all of them bloomed.

I was real happy to see the lavenders cause I really like lavenders.
Used to sleep with lavender essence oil sprayed in my room.

Really prefer myself without spectacles.
Should really ditch them and get myself some contact lenses.

There wasn't much at the mushroom farm area, guess it wasn't the season or something.
The farm is the only place where I really spend most of my money there.

Went back to the hotel to rest a while before heading out for dinner.
Got myself a snack but I ended up napping instead.

Got the Strawberry tart, okay the strawberries are sour :(, at the lobby cafe at our hotel.

Headed over to Bubbles & Bites (Level 2, Highlands Hotel) for dinner.
According to the people there, the place is quite new, love the ambience.
The workers there are real friendly too.

Like above, I will do a separate detailed post on this restaurant

The above was what Le Bf and I ordered.
Pizza wasn't that great, a little too dry but the portion is real big. 

The best was the BREAD AND BUTTER PUDDING, I seriously love it.
The entire texture was so soft, like eating tou huey, and the taste is just nice.
It's isn't too sweet or anything but it's awesome.
Mouth-watering I tell you, I am like swallowing my saliva lots while typing this and editing the photos.
I almost ordered another serving just that my tummy was too full with all the food, especially the pizza.

The Wild Mushroom is unique-ly nice. 
It's something I have never tried before and the sauce that goes with it isn't just soy sauce. 
It's a little sour but yet when everything comes together it's just nice.
Plus, the bread are nicely toasted so it's real crunchy.
Though it really depends on individuals as some people couldn't take the sour-ness taste. (like vinegar)

Oh-kay, I am so going to google recipe and make my own version. Craving for it.

and That concludes my Day 01 of the trip.
I was exhausted and I kinda caught a cold.
Actually it's more of the temperature change that causes it. 
I couldn't get panadol for flu since the pharmacist ended work so I had to settle with the local medicine.
It wasn't useful but it did help. Still had to thanks Evalee for her medicine the next day that really helped me, otherwise I will be stuck sick.

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