Monday, July 23, 2012

Superhero SBA 2012!

Singapore Blog Awards 2012 was held on Saturday 2012.07.21 over at Singapore Flyer's Food Trail.

Weather was really hot, and I don't know what in my mind I actually decided to wore LONG SLEEVES.

Anyway, rushed down to Singapore Flyer and met up with TehPeng, Regine and Kiyomi!

Miranda was already performing by the time I reached there. 
Didn't managed to take any photos though :(

Image heavy from here onwards

First up was the voting for CASIO SHEEN competition.
We are suppose to vote and guess who's the winner, and we practically just throw our votes to
and YES! She won the entire thing :)

and lucky regine won the lucky draw!!

congrats regine!!!!
she walked away with a Casio Sheen watch la.

and here's mr videographer who was filming us. 

and a picture of the super bloggers!!!

and here's pretty miranda, in her costume as poison ivy.
seriously, her mum is really supportive, very supportive.
she sewed this dress for her as costume.
mom's love for her kid.

check out her youtube account here

and here are the awards ceremony!

GMarket Best Online Shopping Blog
Kevin Soh

Mary Chia Best Beauty Blog

Didn't take photo for Best Blogshop but

ST701 Best Blog Shop

Panasonic Eco Best Lifestyle Blog

Panasonic Eco Best Photography Blog
Jerome Lim

Panasonic Best Y-Bloggist
Joey Ong!!!!!

Casio Sheen Best Fashion Blog
Valyn Lim

Domino's Best Food Blog
YiWei Best What-The-Hell Blog
俊凭 Jun Ping

Best Individual Blog

Best Travel Blog
少俊 shao jun

Best Family Blog

Best V-log
Dr. Jiajia & Big Bro

Not forgetting there are still two other awards

Panasonic Most Popular Local Celebrity Blog/Microblog
Jeanette Aw


Panasonic Most Popular Overseas Celebrity Blog/Microblog
Alien Huang; Xiao Gui

group photo of all the winners!

Since it was a superhero theme, there were people who dressed up and a mini competition for the best dressed.

The Joker won anyway!

I went around taking photos with the friends and other bloggers before heading to Popeyes to chill with some of them.

took photos with the two emcees.

and a photo with Loki.

and my first photo with melissa
the photos she take always make me damn freaking hungry.

with UncleTehPeng

and Kiyo


with ruiting

with joyce
and Mirai

That's all!

oh and before I forget, there's the goodie bag!

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