Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jayesslee Perfomance at Dell-Intel Youth Concert

I have finally managed to upload the videos I took on YouTube!

Only 2 videos though and the video camera decided to died on me. 
Will be editing the others photos and videos for the entire SHINE Youth Festival 2012 opening, so wait for that post.

For now, 


I just can't explain how awesome and inspirational the two of them are. 
They are like pretty and talented, and down right humble even with all the fame and all.

This is Jet Lag by Simple Plan, the first song they sung at the concert. 
Watch it till the end, cause I recorded part of them talking too. 

and here's Nobody by Wondergirls

It's missing the intro, I thought I actually pressed record but I didn't.
Too busy being mesmerized by their voice, being LIVE, right infront of me.
I am just so damn freaking excited alright?

TehPeng and I were like OMFG going crazy, screaming WE LOVE YOU to them.
Yes, I love them lots, and I know a lot of you people too!

Wait, wait.... for my post on the opening, workshop and MORE OF JAYESSLEE

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