Thursday, June 28, 2012

Skating, once again.

Been Ice Skating again, the last time I went was months ago I guess, or at least weeks ago.
Can't seems to really remember.

Just doodle and did the above typography, for fun.
It somehow reminds me of ice shavings or bubble tea shop.

I haven't really been skating properly the last few times, spending most of my times standing there, or just crowding there to chit chat or taking photos, or just rot there.

This time I actually skated properly and practiced my breaks, it's a feeling that I have yet to find back, till recently.

The many skaters that were there that day.

It's really awesome skating with my crew people, never ending laughters when I hang out with them.

This time, Duval and Jevon FINALLY came with us.

I actually can't wait to save up to visit Sri Lanka with them, 
anyone wanna sponsors me?

I really need to start selling my stuffs to earn some extra allowance to spend there.

Can't wait to skate again, that is, after I recover. 

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