Saturday, June 23, 2012


I didn't really blog much recently, too much assignments to rush, stuffs to do.
Photos are pilling up, and I have yet to even upload them to Facebook too.


Celebrated Katie Suki Neko's birthday last month.
Just at Jurong Point. 
It's really convenient since all of us, except jelly, lived in the West. 
We were suppose to meet in Town but since Jelly can't make it, the venue changed immediately.
Katie had a craving for the Ra-men.

really hated how my fringe looks since I got natural curl, it's so hard to maintain.

it's the awesome ramen at B1 Jurong Point, the Japanese Street.

Katie treated us desert and Andrew decided to be artistic with my Almond X Black Sesame paste.

This is Katie, with the present Tonton and I gave her.
It's so adorable that I wanted to keep it for myself.

and a group photo while we crap and bitch over at Starbucks.


Won tickets from Sony Pictures once again and got to catch MIB III before it's out in the cinemas, 
the movie wasn't that nice as expected?

I think it's because it's MIB, so my expectations is higher? 


and there's Twitter Frenzy which I brought Cally along with me.

Saw Thiang there too.

took photo for Chiro

Acted stupidly trying to be a model or something. 

and lucky Chiro won the competition! 

with some of the other bloggers.


and some little little things like

attending MAC launch with Joyce, okay, it was damn boring, LIKE SERIOUSLY?
MAC should have a crowd control, and it's so crowded inside that I couldn't even move. 
Didn't even bother to look at any of their products at all.

Attended dad's secondary classmate's son wedding.
I don't even know why I was there. 


The only awesome thing was that they had ice cream during the "cocktail"
Met up with tonton and Jimmy after that, cally was suppose to join us but headache strikes.


Am graduating soon, in a month plus or so, the feelings are weird. 
I do not how to explain.
I am not panicking but am worrying at the same time.
Like what should I do after I graduate or something. 

First, to finish all my every other assignments that drove me crazy.

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