Thursday, February 23, 2012

2011 EOY & 2012 SOY

The 2011 End Of Year and 2012 Start Of Year

EOY and SOY are so terms that always stuck in my mind because of cosplaying. 
Yes, I am into cosplay and sub-cultural, just that I am a poor girl to continue with the hobby.

So the end of the year was busy yet happy for me.

Spend the nights in MBS and Chalet.

Thanks to dear Katie, ICE peeps got to hang out overnight at the MBS Hotel!!!
It's somewhere I won't be able to afford to go myself at least for the year or 2.
So I am really thankful to be able to go there.
Now as I type, I am missing the bed and feather pillows that they had.

group photo lagging of derek
(L to R) andrew, katie, me, tonton, dom, jelly, nanren wanchen, maggie and kelvin
Tonton and I had class that day so it was kinda late when we reached there. The others had a go with the infinite swimming pool! *jealous*

We were practically crazy. 
Playing Twister that night was hilarious

Had late night walk around MBS trying to .... *ahem* shall not disclose

Was really tired that night but didn't really sleep.
Andrew was blasting songs and I went crazy with every song that I knew especially 2NE1's I am the Best!
I was most likely over crazy that night and will never do that sort of things ever unless you make me high again.

The pillows were love.
Soft and fluffy and super comfy, practically in heaven.
I really missed them a lot especially when I went to the chalet next few days.

That dinner we went somewhere else and Tonton bought me for good food @ Oscars :P

Seriously can't finish my share so we takeaway back to the hotel.
Cally and her groupies came and say hi while we had dinner. Miss her lots.

The next day Tonton and I headed down to Downtown East for the Plaza EOY Chalet.

It's horror for me, cause..... I MISSED THE MBS BED AND PILLOW EVEN MORE when I reached there.
Practically clear the sleep debts while the others went to wild wild wet.
Girls problem thus tonton and I stayed in the chalet instead.
Were sleeping like two pigs that the others had almost bang down the door trying to wake us up to open the door.

Day 1 Dinner from Changi Village

and mahjong

BBQ the 2nd night

the guys
the girls
the phones everywhere
SoYea for everyone that I rushed down to buy
more mahjong

Bernice and me

group photo
drinking games

Oh, and I went crazy, again.
There was a carrefour sales going on, so I went on and bought myself a bolster to sleep with during the chalet since we are lacking of pillows.
Just to let you know, I am sleeping with three pillows at home so yes, just merely one pillow is horror to me.
Now I got three pillows and one bolster :) HOORAY!
Not counting the cushions and fluffies around me.

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