Saturday, December 10, 2011

POST : dom's 21st

OMG, how forgetful of me, I actually forgot to post this up.
How could I. It's dom's 21st Birthday celebration!

So on 9th October 2011, we celebrated dom's birthday at his house.

I baked the cake for his birthday :)
Tonton helped though, with the washing and stuffs.
The plan was to do a 3D camera cake, but with the little amount of skills I have, and the experience with fondant, it was only a dream that will never come true.
Thus, we got on with a normal cake instead.

So, I still decided to do something funky and did a simple rainbow cake.
It wasn't actually what I wanted it to be, but then, it was still successful after all.
Just that the icing was a little sweet.

It's nothing much really, just one huge heavy cake, really heavy.

It wasn't a huge party, just that small amount of us.
With had fun still, playing the dancing game and FRUIT NINJA with the kinect he borrowed from his friend.
It's like TAI CHI.

Some random camwhores, when Jelly and I found those hats.

  this is dom and his cake.

this is how the cake looked inside.

I was super tired by the end of the day, and dom's house is like freaking far :(
Took the train home with tonton, kel and maggie. 

and while blogging right now, I remember why I didn't blog earlier on.
I am still waiting you know.

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