Saturday, December 10, 2011

POST : 2011.10.29 The Three Musketeers

Went out with the Plaza clique for dinner and movie session.

Was suppose to go for the Japanese buffet @ Dhoby Ghaut, but the queue was so damn long, and we got quite a number of people with us? So, the waiting time was even longer for us.
In the end we decided to just settle with the Japanese food @ Plaza Singapore instead.

Food wasn't bad, but the selection was quite little for me.
Soup was nice though, I really like it.

and she camwhored with my phone ><

Dessert was da bomb. I was like super duper full? Yet, we still went ahead and ordered dessert.
Fruit tarts.

Headed for movie after dinner.

To be honest, I wouldn't have watched it if it wasn't a gathering?
I AM SORRY, but the effects were meh.
The keying and roto were so-so only?
It wasn't color balance, and some of the proportion and perspective were wrong.
I don't think everyone notices it that clearly, but even my friends knew something were wrong somewhere, it was just weird.

Guess, the only thing I like about the movie, was the clothes/fashion, steam punk.
Yeah, the concept art for the clothes.

The story was okay, very Three Musketeers-ish I say?
However, it wasn't brought out nicely? The climate was like not there, and you can expect everything to happen.
I don't know? Maybe it was just me?
There wasn't any up and downs, or any exciting part that makes me go excited. 


We wanted to have supper after movies @ Rochor beancurd, but it was fully seated like always.
So, we headed down to this ulu overpriced place.
Sat down and chit chat, and snacked.
By overpriced, I seriously meant overpriced.
HOW CAN SOMEONE CHARGE A BOWL OF CHENDOL FOR $4 that don't even taste nice.
It was practically tasteless.

Cabbed home with tonton and zhen wei afterwards.
Tired max.

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