Saturday, December 3, 2011

post : 2011.10.22 USS

Earlier on, went to USS for halloween with the ICE people.

Met up @ vivo and got some finger food and drinks before proceeding.

(notice how the girls, our right knee tends to bend a little. )

the queue was a little crazy, had to queue awhile just to get on the tram towards Sentosa.

I had fun, here and there, the layout was very death-ish. Like L4d, kinda thing?
The most memorable part was how jelly got scare by the zombies there.

We were walking along the road, and she was saying how they look scary and such, and didn't want to go near them.
somehow we stopped walking, and she was trying to get as far as possible from the zombies.
perhaps the zombie heard her or something.
So, when she turned over to talk to us, the zombie just swiftly went right smack infront of her, like a few inches away, QUIETLY.
The funny thing was, EVERYONE ELSE KNEW, but no one want to tell her.
We were like just waiting for something to happen.
So, we just kinda point towards the zombie, not knowing what happened, jelly turned back, and found herself staring at the zombie looking at her with that blank look few inches away.
THEN, she got like mega shocked, and screamed and just squat right there, because we were crowding around her she got no where to run.
That zombie, just QUIETLY moves away. HAHAHAHA.

Poor maggie got scare because jelly got scare.

Over all was not bad?
I managed to queue and ride the roller coaster? We queued for like an hour or so?
When we were queueing, it started raining, and by our turn, the rain stopped. HAHA

It was not that scary for me? I think because the other girls are scared, so I am like entertained by them instead.
I just went on taking photos with tonton throughout, so katie's camera was flooded with our photos instead.

and I managed to take with the UNIVERSAL globe :)

We went to the hersheys' chocolate shop?
Bought this peanut butter chocolate thingy,  I LOVE IT, and I am gotta grab more of it.

Bought the HUGE cookies and cream chocolate too.

We supper at Mac before heading home, talked and tried to solve problems.
I was kinda bothered by stuffs that night, which actually wasn't suppose to be anything related to me?
OH no, nothing against my dear ice people okay.

Headed home with tonton first cause I wasn't feeling that well, while the others tried to find the bus stop for dom to go home.

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