Monday, December 12, 2011

21st Birthday update

It's less than one week away and I am very, very excited about it.

So, here are what's going on.

Venue : BOOKED.

Thanks Andrew for the trouble for booking it for me!
Good to have friends staying at Condos.


I got the cupcakes this year instead of cake.
Spoiling surprises? Nah, you don't even know how it's like anyway.

Spoiler : I am decorating the stand by myself.

Anyway, I am getting those cupcakes from Fiona, who was my fellow YOG intern.
So please support her.
She is really a sweet girl, and her cupcakes are good.

Her blog
Her facebook page for the cupcakes
Her cupcake webpage

Go go go order now before it's all gone.

Invitation : SEND.

I went on a crazy mode, and invited over 180 people on facebook.
Yeah, I am real happy if at least 50 people dear ones attended, and hooray it's like around 60 plus 70 of them? At least?

To be honest, there are people that I had to ask for the sake of asking, and most of them are not coming so hooray?

Buffet : AIMED.

I have yet to book, but now I think I am going to do it tomorrow or something.
Since I was waiting for the people to confirm so I will know the pax, to be able to book.

Decorations : Pending. 

I am going to go shop Holland V tomorrow for the decorations.
Hopefully I could find the Cookie Monster balloon that I want, and also plain balloons.

Entertainment : Pending.

I got ideas, some sort.
Like lucky draw? Or simple games? I don't know.
I need to ask Andrew how's the layout like to properly plan.
Lucky draw, most likely happening.

Family, friends and even lecturers.
Thank you very much.

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