Saturday, September 3, 2011

2011.09.03 Sat - Comex Fair

Comex Fair is <3 this year.
Both Tonton and I got what we wanted.

This is the day I went terribly broke at the same time.

I went shopping around Jurong Point before meeting Tonton.

I know I am a shopaholic, to a certain extend.
After I got together with Tonton, I swear my output decreased.
However, that is, when I am with him.
So, when the days I am out "shopping" alone, I tends to spend too much, as there is no one there telling me no, or shaking his head to stop me.
I am easily stopped actually, but I spend my money way faster than I'm stopped :(
This is such a sad case.

SO, I got myself clothes, cosmetics and a pair of shoe.
To me, the shoe was an investment, I seldom buy heels or wedges, and since don't know long how long I wore one.
So, it's not anything I buy everyday.

My loots,
I actually bought 6 pieces of tank tops in different colors and sizes *smacks my own forehead*


didn't manage to take a photo of my new shoes, shall take it next time ^^

Met up with tonton and then headed down to Orchard, Mandarin Hotel to collect the Mooncakes I bought with Groupon.
seriously, it's super nice, I would love to buy it again next year, but the parents complained that it's too expensive.
Bought one box for tonton's family too :) I am such a good friend right :X

H&M was such a long queue as it was the week that it just opened, not to say a Saturday afternoon.
It went all the way to 313.
I would like to have the black umbrella they give away though...hmmm

I regretted carrying all my barangs already, should have listened to tonton when he asked me to go home and put them down.
I was too lazy, and I regretted it more, especially later part of the day, it's crazy.

So we headed down to Suntec and met up with Eric who's already there looking through Comex.
It's really hard to squeeze our way through with so many people and so many bags of shoppings and mooncakes.
poor tonton who helped me in carrying.

We mainly looked through Apples products as Tonton wanna get a MBP and I wanted to check out the iMacs.

We actually managed to find a not-so-bad offer there.
It's hard for apple products as the price are all fixed, the only competition the different companies had, were the free gifts and packages they release for us.

There's this promotion going on for the originally $2499 21.5inch imac @ $1899 instead? Isn't it a steal?
However, only cash or NETS payment, SO, I couldn't pay by installment.
AND, we couldn't get the package price, but all I really wanted was the 8gb ram, badly.
They gave it to me at $100, so it wasn't THAT bad.
plus, a 30% off for the apple care.
I called dad immediately and he said okay.

So the total was like $2424, after all the adds on, like 8gb ram, apple care, and I got myself parallel + windows 7.
Thanks to tonton, he paid $2000 for me, as it's the max limit for NETS per day.
and the remaining amount was paid using my card.

Went to find Eric, and got myself my thumbdrive that I dragged to buy, PURPLE :)

Eric went off to fetch his girlfriend

and after much searching around,
Tonton got himself his MBP too, with sales goes to Jasmine :D
Thanks to her, we got discounts too :)

It's like. since Tonton had already used his max limit on NETS for my iMac, we had to withdraw cash instead.
AND.... the max limit for withdrawal is $2000 too.
So, he had to transfer money to me, and I had to withdraw it out for him.
Imagine paying a good $3500 in $50 worth of cash. The people there were staring, and it took them 3 people to count the notes.
Felt rich ^^

So, after buying my iMac and his MBP, we headed down to Mr Curry where Eric was waiting with us and his girfriend.

Mr Curry was so much love, but I didn't like the white cream base curry that Eric introduced?
We were so tired and hungry at the time, that I actually managed to finish the entire bowl of rice, still stealing the leftover curry tonton had.
I was THAT hungry.
If it's the normal curry I ate, I think I would have asked for 2nd servings.

With all the bags and items we carried, we have no choice but to cab home, it's crazy.
Mum was like so happy when she saw carrier they gave us for the iMac, so she could so use it for market-ing.

Here's happy boy ton ton with his laptop and all his free gifts, which added up to two bags full.

setting up the iMac and installing applications actually took us till 4am!!
Tonton had to go home, while I continue uploading.
 my best of both worlds :)

and this is what I called <3

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