Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sick, once again.

Yesh, like the tittle, I'm sick once again.
I think because of the lack of sleep and such, I wasn't fully recover frm last week.

On top of it, one of my classmate that I hanged out on Wednesday is hospitalized due to viral infection.
Which is highly contagious. He too, did not rest well to recover and it got worse again, and had to be hospitalized AGAIN.

That's it to say, this time is worse than last week.
Other than the running nose, headache and fever, I got a bad sore throat, with dry cough, body aching, diarrhea and vomiting.
Which, concludes almost all the symptoms of a viral infection.

So, the chances of getting it from him, is very very high.

This is just so disappointing, I am not being able to go skating due to the ongoing knee ligament problem, which is swollen right now, the flu bug just make it worse
I'm now restricted by what I can and cannot eat, and not being able to run about.

I am now lying on the bed, trying to fall asleep.
The medicines are strong, cough syrup + flu med + muscle relaxant + gastric/giddiness med, which at least there of them causes drowsiness.
Just that, the headache is too bad for me to sleep.

This post is so going up to cookies crumbles too. I have yet link it up to this blog.

Some people might say I'm just attracting attention with this, or I'm just thinking too much, etc.
But, it's better to be safe than sorry.

I am just weak, since young which I'm worse.
I do also hope that I will get sick so I can hop about here and there.

Need to google some facts to insert into my dumb brain, will share on cookies crumbles, cause I think this is something that it's easily caught, and people should learn from others experience.

Side note, have yet to tell mum about it.
I do not want a thrashing from her how I often sleep late, and I don't want her to get worried, especially at this timing.
Maybe with all the medicines and sleep + cooling slip that make me feel better? I might recover and don't feel sick tomorrow when I wake up.

Then, I can pop by at the rink to celebrate akira's birthday :)

So, for now. お休みなさい.

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