Saturday, August 6, 2011

last post? for now? Dinner with Family

okay, last post, since I have my photos tab ready for blogging ><

2011.07.08,  went dinner with the parents.
So, I finally used the voucher I bought from Goupon , which is suppose to use to celebrate mother's day, but we didn't, cause Assessment was such a bitch last sem.

It's at Royal Plaza on Scotts, got the $35 for a $70 worth 3 course meal.
Quite worth it.
 my outfit for the day,

One of the dress I got from Thailand, actually, the bag, the dress, the leggings and shoes are all from thailand.
I guess only the belt and watch from Singapore.

 The thing I liked about that place it's the ambience, it's like, smoothing?
I don't really know how to describe it?

The people there are real nice too, the smile and the services.
OH, and their menus come in IPAD, freaks.

am spamming photos of drinks and food.

the stirrer are like damn cool,
they had sugar crystalize on it, so when you stirs, the sugar dissolve along with it.

pumpkin soup with real crab meat.
It's like super super nice?
I didn't expect much from a PUMPKIN soup, but I'm loving it.
It's filling too.


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