Sunday, August 7, 2011

2011.08.05 Fever

I didn't go school, was having a bad, bad migraine headache with the same giddiness I had last week.
I thought sleeping will get it off but it didn't.

With the sun so bright and the giddiness, I was so reluctant to go to the clinic I normally will go, which is 15mins bus ride away.
so, I went to the one downstairs instead, expensive though.

AND, the doctor told me I was having a fever.
LIKE WTH? I didn't even realise I was having a fever? I wasn't even feeling cold, and I am sweating much :(

aigoo, flu too

tonton came over to visit me, but I was sleeping like a log much, due to the drowziness the medicine cause,
strong ones I was given, cause I felt weak, entire body.
hate this feeling, and what I hate the most is,

whenever I am sick, the face break out :(

max saddening.

I need to drink more water and rest well :)

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