Sunday, August 7, 2011

2011.07.31 DVFX meet up

Met up with the DVFX people for lunch and chats :)

Guili, Jiabing, Charis, Szehui, Weirong, Mike, Zheng Jie & Perry.

Had lunch at the...erm I don't know what's the shop name?
It's at cine B1. It's like a buffet style?

The guys just cannot stop talking about NS.

I went to get my phone change after lunch while the others headed down to kino.

It took me one hour on a Sunday, to queue up, get my number, queue up again, and then get my phone change.
YEAH, one more month till warranty ends?
one-for-one exchange rocks, stupid home button, and bless that I don't drop my phone anymore.

Got the home buttons stickers, yeah, waste of my money cause it's expensive?
But it's really hard to find nice ones that I like.
Sze was saying I should so dig gmarket for them, aigoo.

Head over to ikoma after changing my phone, and signed up for Japanese classes again.
This is my 3rd time signing up, I should endure and go through it.
at least finish the bloody basic?
Shall not give up anymore! Work hard and study, so I  can pass my N5 this dec.

Twice a week, Tues & Fri, hope my classes won't clash with it.

Went back to find the others.
Didn't stay long, and then met up with dad to fetch mum and then headed for dinner.

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