Sunday, August 7, 2011

2011.07.29 JB and A&W

No class on Friday, so went to JB with some of them for some A&W :)

Dee, Pjie, Jinkee, Alfred, Tonton and I.

Met up with Alfred, and headed down to Kranji to meet Jinkee, was suppose to meet Tonton on the way, but we were earlier so headed down to Kranji instead.
Changed some RM there, before heading to the checkpoint.

My phone's home button is a totally gone case, I can't even press at all.
So, all I can do is to turn it off and on again, so I can switch in betweens apps.

Starhub rocks, by the way, all the way at Jusco, and I still have my connection :)

Meet up with Dee and Pjie at the checkpoint and then got over to Jusco for A&W.

while waiting for the bus there

Jusco practically looked like our IKEA+GIANT, the one at tamp?
Even the carpark reminds me of that.

and Jinkee practically run from the entrance to the A&W.

 Anyway, A&W was such a disappointment.
The machine was spoilt, no ROOT BEER.

got ice milo instead. damn saddening.

Their ice cream waffles aint any good too.
We ordered like 4?
The first one, the waffle was super super soft, it's not even crispy, and the ice cream are already melting in process.

Look at the ice cream, this is what it's like when it was serve to us.

jinkee and the waffle monster.

After the 1st one, they got the new tub of ice cream out, so the ice cream were okay?
Then the waffle slowly got cripsier.

dissapointing, max.

Went over to KSL after that, wanted to catch a movie, but we didn't have enough time, and we missed the earlier slot by like 10-15mins.
So, we went walking around instead, shop a little, played arcade.

Pjie and the bear which is almost her height.

Had seafood dinner afterwards, mini celebration for Birthday boy ALFRED.

the sugarcane drink is bigger than the ones chompchomp has.

I WANT TO GO BACK TO JB, RM havent spend finish :(

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