Sunday, August 7, 2011

2011.07.11 CNA shoot & 4th month <3

11th July 2011. HAPPY 4TH MONTH :)

Saw Atiqah tweeted about this shoot needing people, so went for it, with Tonton, and asked Nat n yiping along.
Ruiting and Pjie went too.
Some of the dvfx girls went along too.

I half regretted going?
It's like acting as audiences? And what audience, it's like audiences who need to show expressions n some are called to ask questions.

I spend half of the time waiting outside, cause they only need half the number of people at first, while Ruiting, Pjie & ton ton were inside filming.
I practically fell asleep while lending phone to nat to play, she is so in love with the games.

dolly suppose to take a photo for us, but this girl camwhored instead.

was suppose to have dinner with Tonton's at itacho for our 4th Month thingy,
asked nat and yiping along too, since they were out.


this is so my favourite.

one big hole in Tonton's pocket :( <3 ya

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