Sunday, July 17, 2011


JULY 16 2011, SATURDAY NIGHT, 11.50pm-ish

okay, at least it's aint the serious kind, otherwise I will be either dead or fainted, so I won't be able to type this.

It's a minor one, but it seriously still FREAKED ME OUT badly. REAL BADLY.

I was trying to off the switch for my FAN, you know, always turn it off when you are not using, as electricity get leaks and there are cases where houses got fire because of it.

AND, I was the damn victim.
I haven't even manage to switch it off, I felt the current going through the tips of my finger through my entire right hand.
It actually went all the way up to the arm. GRR

Good thing I remove my hand immediately, otherwise I can't imagine what will happen.
It's like, phew, lucky it was just a switch, what if I was actually holding on to something?
Will I have let go off it in time?

so, the tips of my finger got this, stinging pain and numb feeling.
while the entire hand felt numb for awhile, but it wears off.
Now, the entire hand is just super duper weak.
I can totally feel the big difference between both of my hands.

My finger actually went a little red at one side, I was thinking whether it will start bleeding or smething?

I hope this stupid strength-less feeling and stinging pain at the finger tips will go off soon :(
It's so irritating, and somehow I can bear the pain more then the hand with no strength :(

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