Sunday, June 5, 2011

more updates

yes. I am getting my back blogging done, soon.

Monday 23rd May 2011


Tuesday 24th May 2011

Jellybean got sick, MC for him :(

SO, I pampered myself with manicure and pedicure session.

Waveboard with dolly at night, it was so random.
But, it was real cool and fun. SERIOUSLY, fun... if only I know how to do it properly.
We chit chat, bitch and gossip.
Love this girl, she is fun to hang out with.

and my CATHAY movie passes arrived :D
Preshiie will love it, it's pink.

Wednesday 25th May 2011
Jellybean still on MC :(

Since I bought my camera out to school, went home to put down my bag after school, and went out to shoot again.
Motivation needed, I was more like, shooting random stuffs instead? Anyhow kind of thing?

Met a stupid pervert.
He scared me, freaky, to the max.
He was there waving, saying hi, and asking me to go over etc?

A construction worker by his clothes, I assume okay.
A chinese guy.
He was drinking under the BLK with another guy

I practically half run half walk away.
those cheeky smile. I FREAK OUT okay.

I was kind of lost on what to do, so I made oreo cheesecake.
My first attempt, it was al-right. not that bad, but a little too sweet to me.
I am just not used to eating sweet stuffs.

Thursday 26th May 2011


I bought a 2TB HDD to put at home since my laptop is running out of space, and I can store my videos there instead of putting in my 500gb hdd.
Was suppose to format this but I formatted the wrong one.

Practically cried like crazy, bawling my eyes out.

Tried to recover, but only manage to recover part of it. Am glad I back up my school work
BUT, left my final character design, which I am glad, I save it in school too.

SO, not that bad.
BUT. MY movies, my animes...
I save them up bit by bit ( i am talking like it's money. =.=) getting here and there from friends. ALL GONE.


Friday 27th May 2011

My was swollen, it wasn't recover, think it got worse with all the crying the night.
Plus, my migraine was really bad this few days, it's still bad actually.

Watched Pirates of the Caribbean :  At World's End on Mio.
Like finally huh? We planned to watch it for don't know how many times actually.

Jellybean stayed over, it was so late, and there was a shoot at Waine's house tomorrow.
Might as well, just sleep over. instead of traveling here and there, and get lesser sleeping hours.
Saturday 28th May 2011

Shoot at Waine's house. The reenactment scenes.
Super tedious and tiring. I had fun though, filming with friends is indeed one thing I like, even though it's hard and tiring.
All worth it I guess, if only we got more time.

Spending all the time in the room with the air con on, blowing straight on my face, since I was acting as the patient, and was lying there on the bed the entire day.

I fell sick, went home with a fever.
Ain't not the only one, everyone else was sick too. Flu, coughs, sorethroat. Name it.
Poor duval got his asthma back I think. He looked like his soul was poof, gone.

Fever was bad, I can totally feel the "burning" and it's worse with the few hours of sleep, and migraine headache going on.
can't find thermometer.

Sunday 29th May 2011

Fever was on off. BUT. I was all feeling better after the herbal tea mum made me drink. Can't stand the taste though.
First time I didn't visit the doctors when I got a fever.

Did my mum own hair treatment recipe thingy.
I hope it do helps.

Monday 30th May 2011


Speaking of this, I have yet to get my OPI nail polish, the POTC series. Any sponsors?
Love the pastel series seriously.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 31st May 2011 - 2nd June 2011

Nuaing here and there rushing out work too?

I only remember the stipend from WDA for the months April and May finally arrived.
I got money for my shopping in Thailand!! YEAH.
Can't spend much though, I need to pay school bills. They are here to claim debts for poly school fees.

Friday 3rd June 2011

Watched X-Men : First Class.

Random, just kinda booked tickets in class with Eric's laptop, and off to watch the movie at night.
Massaged while waiting for Jellybean.

aigoo. should have chose the middle slot for the lucky draw thingy GV has now.
It's was an IPAD2! ><


Saturday 4th June 2011.

Got mac for lunch, am so going to collect all the coca cola cups. :D
Got 2 now, one still at waine's house though.

was suppose to do sculpting with jellybean, but guess wad time we start?
9pm. ALWAYS. Nua some more lah.

HUIJIN AH. really need to buck up, and plan my time properly, so I can finish all my assignments!!
Sculpting first, since it's due next tuesday.
Storyboard a horror, HD too. :(

Manage to cover my sculpture with clay, needs detailing and then TADAH, can move on to the head.
Did it while watching 2 episodes of Hellcat on Mio.
for don't know what reasons, I am able to access  to them?
Hooked. wanted to continue watching, but then I failed to. SO now, they don't let me watch ><
Watched episode 4 of CLIF. more like, the TV watching me while I do my sculpture. OH WELL

am downloading HELLCATS now, what to do, am hooked.

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